Fishermen's aims of increasing their catch seem at odds with preserving fish stocks by limiting catch. A study of more than 11,000 fisheries shows that 'individual tradable quotas' can reconcile these goals.

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The financial crisis at least affords us an opportunity to now rethink our catastrophic ecological trajectory.

This is nothing. Well, nothing by comparison to what

after Pune, which is reaping the benefits of an eco-housing scheme launched last year, Mumbai now can do the same. The decks stand cleared for the launch of an eco-housing scheme in Mumbai, which offers financial incentives to both builders and consumers. Prepared by Pune-based Science and Technology Park and recently adopted by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (mcgm), the

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Billions of dollars could be raised to help the poorest countries cope with and tackle climate change under proposals to be floated in London this week for new charges on international shipping.

Wall Street's sickness and its contagiousness for the world economy are bad news for the already faltering effort to craft a new pact to tackle climate change.

Tighter budgets, shrinking corporate profits and worries about jobs could crimp manoeuvering room at upcoming UN talks on toughening curbs on greenhouse-gas emissions, sources say.

This paper identifies inadequate effort to use market-based approaches, among others, as a reason for limited progress in arresting continuing environmental degradation in the Asia and Pacific region.

This year, for once, the devastating floods of Bihar seem to have touched us. Last year, when the same region was reeling under what was said to be the worst floods in living history, we simply did

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Report warns that many of new jobs can be

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Jambudwip is a tiny dot in the Bay of Bengal. A few years ago, it hit headlines when wildlife activists dragged fishermen, who used the landmass to dry their fish, to the Supreme Court. A case was