Sustainable development can best be achieved by allowing markets to work within an appropriate framework of cost efficient regulations and economic instruments. One of the major economic agents influencing overall industrial activity and economic growth is the financial institutions such as banking sector.

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Volatile energy prices and growing environmental concerns have catapulted climate change to the top of corporate agendas of many industries. Until now, attention has focused on emissions-intensive industries, such as power generation and oil production. Yet climate change is a critical issue for all sectors of the economy.

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It has become essential in policy and decision-making circles to think about the economic benefits (in addition to moral and scientific motivations) humans derive from well-functioning ecosystems. The concept of ecosystem services has been developed to address this link between ecosystems and human welfare. Since policy decisions are often evaluated through cost–benefit assessments, an economic analysis can help make ecosystem service research operational. In this paper we provide some simple economic analyses to discuss key concepts involved in formalizing ecosystem service research.

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Ignoring ecosystem services will only push us to a faster ecological crisis OF THE different all-India services, the Indian Forest Service is the one that is marginalized. Its resources are less and its power to influence policy even lesser. It is understandable. As the focus shifted from timber to biodiversity conservation, revenue dipped and so did investment in the sector. This myopic

Earlier this year, I called the Union budget myopic (see Down To Earth, March 31, 2008). Let me reiterate why. The Union budget did not take into account the fact the world was beginning to face new

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The urgency of the global financial crisis is no excuse for neglecting climate change.