This article introduces a multiagent simulation framework for investigating the emergence of niche markets for environmentally innovative products. It clarifies how consumer preferences, business strategy, and government policy interact during market development. The framework allows investigation of the effects of uncertainty and agents' corresponding coping strategies.

Two objectives are pursued in this article. First, from a methodological perspective, we explore the relationships among the constructs of complex adaptive systems, systems of systems, and industrial ecology.

Its ecological services are only begining to be counted At one point in Rabindranath Tagore

A year ago, in this very column, I discussed the myopia of budget 2008, which did not touch upon events then beginning to unfold. Since then we have seen the world collapse and, perhaps, even

Most current climate-sinners have committed too little
Sunita Narain / New Delhi March 13, 2009, 0:00 IST

Most current climate-sinners have committed too little to fixing economies for a different tomorrow

Shishir Prashant / Dehradun March 02, 2009, 0:21 IST

Comprehensive evaluation on the conditions of ecosystem is important to protect regional eco environment. The paper is mainly based on the data set of remote sensing and climate factor to calculate the ecological capital of ecosystem in Yunnan province.

China has suggested that carbon emissions incurred during the manufacture of exported goods should the shouldered by the country where they are consumed.

Evaluation of programs, either before they are designed or after they are implemented, are increasingly viewed as a critical for learning and improving accountability of public policies.

The economic downturn might be the best time to include ecosystem services in the real economy. (Editorial)