Evaluation of programs, either before they are designed or after they are implemented, are increasingly viewed as a critical for learning and improving accountability of public policies.

The economic downturn might be the best time to include ecosystem services in the real economy. (Editorial)

With the economic case for tackling climate change stronger than ever, the financial crisis provides an opportunity, not an obstacle, says Nicholas Stern.

Guy Ryder, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confedaration, went to Poznan to attend his first UN climate meet. He sees green opportunity in the financial crisis. Pradip Saha caught up with him Is it okay to discuss climate change in the midst of a financial crisis? Governments are indicating that they are ready to inject large sums of money into their national

Industry sees sense in going green On the face of it, there is not much to celebrate. Wastage of resources has become acute. We seem to be in an era of energy-guzzlers. But things are not that bad if we scratch the surface a bit

Different approaches to making the economic case for improved management of natural capital in national planning are reviewed in this report. In many low-income countries natural resources sectors (agriculture, mining, forestry, fishery, nature-based tourism) are identified as the engines of economic growth.

Official development economics reflects the rest of the discipline, in that it too neglects nature's place in economic development. The neglect looks odd to ecologists, who are trained to study the slow processes that influence long-term development possibilities. A seemingly natural retort to ecologists is that people come first and that, after all, current poverty should matter most.

Have you noticed how the mighty automobile industry in the US is beginning to sound like the now infamous tobacco industry at the time of its collapse, taking cover behind the people it employed to

After months of downward spiral, the dreaded r-word must be uttered. The world

An online trading system might forecast the availability of water more accurately than the best computer models used by environmental scientists, say its developers.