This report by the CEECEC project aims to provide a blueprint for capacity building activities for collaborative research between civil society organisations (CSOs) and researchers working on issues of environmental conflict.

This handbook is a draft stand-alone toolkit for teaching and learning ecological economics through front-line activist experience and knowledge. Is the product of collaborative efforts between environmental activists and ecological economists from around the world belonging to the CEECEC network.

This 17 nation survey on consumer behavior and environmental impact by National Geographic & Globescan revealed that environmentally friendly behaviour in 10 of 17 countries has increased and India has the most sustainable consumption pattern.

Santiago was one of the first cities outside the OECD to implement a tradable permit program to control air pollution. This article looks closely at the program

A vast number of people in developing countries depend on the natural environment for their livelihoods

This report prepared by the International Panel
for Sustainable Resource Management assesses best available science on
the environmental and resource impacts of production and consumption.
The assessment report identifies priorities amongst global consumption
activities, industrial sectors and materials from primary industries in
terms of their environmental impacts and

This paper proposes an analytical framework for assessing policies that will contribute to a better integration of environmental externalities in the pursuit of economic efficiency and growth objectives. The framework consists of two parts.

The carbon embedded in internationally traded food and agricultural goods

This report have identified no less than 154 new policy announcements globally just since October, in the run-up to the conference. This is the highest number of new government initiatives ever recorded on this issue in a four month period. Progress can be traced directly to the summit and the Copenhagen Accord which called on countries to state publicly what they were doing about climate change.

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