A month after Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav himself wrote a letter requesting speedy approval for Mulayam's dream project of setting up a Lion Safari in Fisher Forest at Etawah, the Union Ministry

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Urbanisation, Insecticides Pushing Winged Creatures Towards Extinction

Lucknow: Many bird species once sighted commonly across Uttar Pradesh are now vanishing. The reasons could be many and diverse, but technology appears to be the biggest factor behind this threat looming over the feathered friends of man. First mynahs faced the extinction threat, then sparrows and vultures followed. And now, the existence of graceful peacock is also threatened due to various factors.

Lucknow: In a major development, the Central Zoo Authority (CZA)has given its approval to the master plan of Etawah’s lion safari. This gives the project the full and the final consent from CZA to go ahead. However, what may put spanner in the wheel is the clearance from the Union ministry of environment and forest (MoEF) under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, which is still awaited. The fact that the safari is proposed in Fisher forest area, a reserve forest area, getting a clearance under FCA is mandatory for the state government.

In the final meeting of the inside committee of the Central Zoo Authority, where the master plan of the project bagged final consent, the need to obtain clearance under FCA was reiterated.

Lucknow: The ambitious lion safari project of the Akhilesh government is likely to get delayed for some technical reasons.

Lucknow: After Gujarat lions, it would now be Uttar Pradesh lions for a dekko. The proposed lion safari project at Etawah will have locally bred lions for tourists to see. A pair or two will be imported from the zoos having lions in considerable number to the Etawah lion breeding centre. After the centre breeds at least a dozen lions, the animals would be released in the safari zone.

The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) had on January 18 approved the designs of the “breeding dens” to be built at the centre. On February 5, CZA will deliberate on the master plan of the Etawah lion safari and breeding centre.

LUCKNOW: Urban development minister Azam Khan on Friday announced construction of 4,000 houses for urban poor under the 'Aasra' scheme at the cost of Rs 100 crore in the current budget session. Surprisingly, the announced scheme closely resembles an ambitious scheme in the name of former chief minister Mayawati's mentor, Kanshiram. The scheme has recently been infused with a fresh dose of funds of over Rs 100 crore to get it completed by the end of present financial year.

The UP Forest Corporation (UPFC) will start its eco-tourism initiative from Saifai Mahotsav. The corporation will set up a stall at the Mahotsav venue to publicise its initiative.

Things couldn't have moved faster for the lion safari project in Etawah.

Master plan for state's first lion safari may get final approval by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) at the meeting in Lucknow on Wednesday.