the latest item to join the list of banned products in Europe because of its possible risk to human health is an antibiotic called avoparcin. The European Union (eu) is going to ban the

Fishing ministers of the European Union (EU) arrived at a consensus end 1996, which was marked by constant bickering over fishing quotas. After a debate on proposals made by the Euro

Familiarity breeds contempt. This , in a nutshell, encapsulates the oftrepeated statements of various gov- ernmentofficials on the status of the world's natural fish stocks. At the European Union

A new fossils throws open the debate on Homo erectus

CORINE, the Coordination of Information on the Environment, which is the official classification system for natural habitats of the European Community (EC), is putting Europe's vulnerable wildlife

It's not time yet to write the obituary of urban biodiversity. A recent study by Czech ecologist Pavel Pysek reveals that European cities host a large number of wild plants. Berlin tops the list with

Incinerating unrecyclable waste plastic is environmentally the most benign way of disposing of it, new experiments show (New Scientist, Vol 143, No 1932). Europe's Association of Plastic

A carnivorous pack of bacteria has struck terror in parts of the US and Europe. Known as group A streptococcus, the bacteria, say researchers, can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure, toxic shock

IT IS time for European farmers to clean up their backyards: the European Community has launched in London its first environmental audit for farms. The brainchild of Linking Environment and Farming

IN NOT too distant a future, much of the pep and zing may disappear from environmental campaigns. Business may well reduce a concern for the environment into advertisement copy to burnish its own