Hair and oil spills: what s the connection?

Sikkim, a place of great natural beauty, has been neglected by botanists and zoologists. While there is apprehension that many species have already become extinct or endangered, little is being done to conserve its biodiversity

South Africa tries to bring cycads, plants that coexisted with the dinosaurs, back to life


Palaeontologists have found what they had been looking for: a near perfect dinosaur fossil from the Jurassic Age. They might finally be able to tell whether the creatures descended from birds or reptiles

It was huge. And it was heading straight for Earth. Astronomers said the end was here. Frantic revisions of their calculations later showed that asteroid XF11 would miss us. But what if there are others that don t alter course?

There are more than 300,000 huge rocks in space, each waiting for a turn at targeting the Earth

That is just what the Jurassic Park special, telecast by STAR Plus, was all about

THE MADAGASCAR pochard, a duck species thought extinct 22 years ago, has been resurrected with the recent finding of a lone male in the island nation in the Indian Ocean. The duck was nabbed by a

There are few controlled data with which to assess the conservation role of corridors connecting refuges. If corridors were used sufficiently, they could alleviate threats from inbreeding depression and demographic stochasticity. For species that require more resources than are available in single refuges, a network of refuges connected by corridors may allow persistence.