One in eight birds will vanish in the next 100 years, says a new report

Led by the Worldwide Fund for Nature ( wwf ), conservationists have warned that if the growing trade in shahtoosh wool does not stop, the Tibetan antelope, known as chiru , will become

Global warming, say researchers, was responsible for mass extinction of life forms some 200 million years ago

The South Korean environment minis

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An iodine deficient diet may be responsible for the Neanderthals' disappearance

Fisherfolk are unintentionally killing seabirds

IN A major discovery, paleontologists have found a vast dinosaur nesting site in Argentina. Thousands of fossil eggs were found at the site. Inside the egg fragments, the scientists found the

SCIENTISTS in Bolivia have found the world's largest group of dinosaur foot-prints. The footprints up to one metre long were found near the town of Sucre, 700 kilometre southeast of the capital La

Despite all our efforts, we may really not be able to save those rainforest fragments