Strong indicators Plans are underway to install lightning detector on Mount Cleveland this summer. Researchers at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA, have found that lightning is a good

neanderthal, a species of the Homo genus, disappeared from Earth about 35,000 years ago. Homo sapiens who had the same ancestors as them, continued to live on. The reason behind their sudden

>> Colombia recently decided to stop glyphosate aerial spraying near the Ecuador border (see

Larger forests can help control extinction, not epidemics

794 animal species face extinction in 595 sites over the globe

The draft National Environment Policy marks an advance from the past approaches but has basic flaws that would limit its effectiveness.

Many species may become extinct due to global warming

unearthed: Thought to be extinct, the lizard Barkudia insularis has been sighted in Orissa's Chilika lagoon after more than 85 years. Ajit Kumar Patnaik, chief executive officer of the Chilika

Beast Threat Many animals, under threat from humans, have gone locally extinct. A recent report of

Six live coelacanths, a rare species of fish, were recently sighted by divers in St Lucia Marine Protected Area, off the north