Revising the standard of honey, compulsory testing of argemone oils, Vanaspati and Bakeri Shortening. (GSR No.895 (E) dated 11/12/2001).

the Delhi government's Prevention of Food Adulteration (pfa) Department has recently seized 20 samples of substandard milk. The 20 samples were a part of 63 samples taken from milk tankers

Today every European and some Asians are asking themselves: How safe is the food we eat?

The European Union (EU) has begun an inspection of Karachi's fish harbour to decide whether to ban seafood exports from Pakistan. The fishing industry in Pakistan exports around US $150 million of

An analytical procedure was developed to measure bromate residues in baked goods using a sequence of clean‐up procedures followed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with a post‐column reaction for oxidants. Deionized water was used to extract bromate from bread samples. The extract was treated with a C‐18 solid phase extraction column to remove lipids, a cation exchange column with the silver cation to remove chloride, and an ultrafiltration membrane to remove proteins.

a number of international organisations are working towards beefing up food security by creating awareness among consumers. "All future agricultural research, policies and trade opportunities must

Consumers in Japan are becoming increasingly wary of genetically modified agricultural products. There has been a steep rise in the use of bioengineered varieties of crops such as soya bean,

in a bid to restore consumer confidence, shaken to core due to the mad cow

with a view to improving food safety standards, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board ( aerb) will oversee irradiation of food material in the country, under the Atomic Energy (Control and

TAKING a cue from the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) controversy, the government has decided to make changes in the level of monosodium glutamate permitted in food. The KFC's Delhi outlet