After a protracted debate over genetically modified (gm) maize in the uk, the British government is all set to approve the commercial production of the transgenic crop. The government advisers,

Collapse of the former Soviet market and an indifferent attitude to quality clips Nilgiris tea industry

Farmers in Alto Incariado, central Peru, are hoping that the fair trade label on their coffee crops will fetch them decent wages and give them the right to unionise. For this reason alone they have

Antibiotics in meat make disease causing bacteria resistant to cures

FAO and WHO to carry out the first evaluation of Codex Alimentarius

Belgium seems to pay little heed to the UK government s handling of the madcow disease

Getting obese? Blame it on burgers, pizzas and french fries

An Ordinance to provide for the better control of the manufacture and sale of food for human consumption.