Calcutta, Nov.

When the small and medium-scale industries relocated to Konkan from Nashik, Thane, Pune and Belapur, they were not prepared to incur losses.

Sri Lanka has moved into regulation of hazardous chemicals and monitoring industries that use them.

A highly toxic Chinese ship, detected with at least “79 deficiencies since 2010” at different ports, is now on its way to a ship-breaking yard in Chittagong for dismantling.

South Asian countries must not allow their beaches to be used as dumping grounds for the chemically contaminated and extremely hazardous ships from the western countries.

She is contesting against Mrs Nandini Mukherjee of CPI-M, a professor of Computer Science and Engineering in Jadavpur University, in the by-election on 25 September.

A Dutch engineering company is trying to make safer the dangerous job of dismantling old ships contaminated with chemicals - by building the world's first "green dock wharf" in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh's Supreme Court agreed on Monday to allow ship breaking yards more time to meet tougher safety and environmental rules, allowing them to operate until at least mid-October.

The crop protection industry has joined hands with Crop Life India, an association of technology-driven agriculture companies, to form an Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force in a bid to check the rampan

Draft rules on Hazardous Substances (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) rules, 2011.