Health facilities, adequate compensation must be provided

Taking a serious note of the increasing silicosis-related deaths in the country, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has recommended that silicosis be made a notifiable disease. Once notified, all government and private health facilities will have to report confirmed as well as suspected silicosis cases to the government.

Bangladesh - An overview of key environmental issues.

Bangladesh is located between 20 º 34 to 26º 38 north latitude and 88.01 º to 92.42 º east longitude, with an area of 147,570 sq km). With a population of 164.000 million, Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries.

MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court on Tuesday directed electroplating units in Mumbai to install effluent treatment plants (ETPs) and scrubbers while hearing a petition stating that such effluents are p

Chennai The Tamil Nadu government announced on Friday a R127.40-crore interest-free loan to 15 common effluent treatment plants (CETPs) situated at Tirupur to enable 700-odd dyeing units to attain

The government would finalise the 'Ship Breaking and Ship Recycling Rules-2011' by December 14 this year to make the growing sector green and worker-friendly, said Industries Minister Dilip Barua.

Calcutta, Nov.

When the small and medium-scale industries relocated to Konkan from Nashik, Thane, Pune and Belapur, they were not prepared to incur losses.

Sri Lanka has moved into regulation of hazardous chemicals and monitoring industries that use them.

A highly toxic Chinese ship, detected with at least “79 deficiencies since 2010” at different ports, is now on its way to a ship-breaking yard in Chittagong for dismantling.