Illegal smuggling of insects from the Himalaya comes into focus with the arrest of two Russians in Sikkim

the g b Pant Institute for Himalayan Biodiversity and Development at Kosi-Katarmal, near Almora, Uttaranchal, had recently organised a three-day national workshop to define a action plan for

Ground realities alone will determine the future of Himalayan biodiversity and the people of the area

PERHAPS no other geographical location attracts researchers, non-governmental organisations and social workers like the Indian Himalaya does. Yet, despite all the effort and finances that have gone

Large scale smuggling of timber from Nepal to Tibet threatens the pristine forests in the northern Himalaya

THE book is a compilation of 42 papers contributed by social, physical and environment scientists who are working with issues that confront the Himalayas. The first three papers deal with the

The bid to reafforest the Himalayas could actually backfire on its ecology. Exotic plants which have the ability to grow rapidly and used for the programme are having an anis on the soil, water

Taxol, an effective anti cancer drug that was approved for use in the US last year, will soon be available in India at half the cost

IN JANUARY, Doordarshan aired a documentary called The Green Brigade, which despite a typical Films Division tone, was informative, interesting and even balanced. It was on the Ecological Task Force

Scientists studying the evolution of the highest Himalayan peaks will soon announce the exact elevation of Mt Everest at present.