Two black Himalayan bears that were caught in traps in Bhutan's Begana and Yoesipang region were released into the forest by team of forestry officials. Officials said that a small male bear which

The G B Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development in Almora, Uttar Pradesh, is among the few in the world that concentrate on issues related to mountains. Its director, L M S Palni , dwelt on the need to develop s

Global warming is causing glaciers on the Himalaya to melt into natural lakes. This threatens the lives of indigenous people and animals

Darjeeling s Tiger Hill whines under ecological pressure

GIVEN the almost explosive interest in and proliferation of environment-related documentaries in India in recent times, it is perhaps possible now to explore a defmition of the niche or slot itself.

The Nepalese minister of forest and soil conservation, Rameshwor R Yadav, recently said that the government was committed towards protecting the Kanchenjunga region by AD 2000, as part of

to put a brake on vanishing Himalayan glaciers and shrinking snow cover, a 'Society of Indian Glaciologists' was recently proposed by eminent environmental scientists and glaciologists all over the

The weed Lantana camara is being used to make furniture and can give the economy a boost

Scientific implementation of developmental programmes is needed for the optimal utilisation of water resources

A rare tree whose extracts are used for an anti cancer drug is being felled illegally