How do you define and measure sustainable development? A host of non governmental organisations led by the Switzerland based World Conservation Union are trying to evolve a new approach to do just that

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has proposed a us $25 million-plan to set up a chain of small hydel units in the Indian Himalayas in a bid to wean the local population away from their

Illegal trade in rare butterflies continues but is yet to be acknowledged by the government

Tourism has wreaked havoc on Sikkim s natural resources

Two black Himalayan bears that were caught in traps in Bhutan's Begana and Yoesipang region were released into the forest by team of forestry officials. Officials said that a small male bear which

The G B Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development in Almora, Uttar Pradesh, is among the few in the world that concentrate on issues related to mountains. Its director, L M S Palni , dwelt on the need to develop s

Global warming is causing glaciers on the Himalaya to melt into natural lakes. This threatens the lives of indigenous people and animals

Darjeeling s Tiger Hill whines under ecological pressure

GIVEN the almost explosive interest in and proliferation of environment-related documentaries in India in recent times, it is perhaps possible now to explore a defmition of the niche or slot itself.

The Nepalese minister of forest and soil conservation, Rameshwor R Yadav, recently said that the government was committed towards protecting the Kanchenjunga region by AD 2000, as part of