The Amazon is ready to burn. After an unusually dry rainy season, the southern section of the rainforest is heading into winter with the largest moisture deficit since 1998. This has set the stage for an unusually intense fire season, according to a forecast issued on 29 June that is based on sea-surface temperature trends in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

A tropical depression has formed off the southern coast of Mexico, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said on Monday, adding it was expected to become a tropical cyclone within 48 hours.

In the past decades, natural disasters have caused substantial human and economic losses in Central America, with strong adverse impacts on gross domestic product per capita, income, and poverty reduction. This study provides a regional perspective on the impact of hurricane windstorms on socioeconomic measures in the short term.

Data collected via airplane when a hurricane is developing can improve hurricane intensity predictions by up to 15 percent, according to Penn State researchers who have been working with the Nation

More than 500 houses have been damaged by a major storm which swept through Mozambique’s port city of Beira in the central province of Sofala on Saturday, APA learns here on Sunday.

While scientists have long avoided attributing specific extreme weather events to changes in global climate, a recent report suggests that some of these events can be attributed to climate change w

The warming of Earth may not have directly caused all of the extreme weather events that have taken place in the past two decades, but climate change has in some way had an impact on them, a new re

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hurricanes in the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans will grow more than twice as powerful and damaging as ocean temperatures rise from global warming, a new stud

The Jason-3 mission, led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Eumetsat, a European weather satellite agency, will bounce radar signals off the water to precisely measure the s

The first hurricane to form in the Atlantic in January since 1938 has added to the list of recent extreme weather events including the hottest global average temperatures by far for December.