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Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Global Warming due to HFC-23, 05/12/2016. Hydrofluorocarbon – 23 (HFC-23) or Trifluoromethane, is a by-product produced during the manufacture of Hydrochlorofluorocarbon – 22 (HCFC – 22), a refrigerant gas. HFC-23 is one of the potent greenhouse gases, having Global Warming Potential of 14,800.

Almost everyone believes the conference beginning today will reach a deal on HFCs. That will leave only one more loophole to plug — international shipping.

Patents and other intellectual property such as know-how are a complex issue for policy makers and civil society experts, especially considering the large number of patents involved and the sensitivity and confidentiality around licensing agreements. This paper does not attempt to offer a solution to the patent debate.

India’s policy push towards widely limiting hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) release would depend significantly on funding provided by developed nations, an environment ministry official said on Tuesday.

NEW DELHI: With India deciding to ratify the Paris Agreement on October 2, the focus is now shifted to the country's move on curbing the use of climate-damaging refrigerants hydrofluorocarbons (HFC

NEW DELHI: Rapidly growing multinational fast food chains in India are the largest contributors to hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) emissions and could add the equivalent of nearly one million tonnes of ca

This report summarises the data reported by undertakings in accordance with the ODS Regulation for 2015 and looks at the major trends since 2006. Aggregated data reported by companies on the import, export, production, destruction, and feedstock and process agent use of ozone-depleting substances in the European Union.

Environment ministry on Thursday announced an ambitious collaborative R&D programme to develop next generation sustainable refrigerant technologies as alternatives to the climate-damaging hydro

NEW DELHI: Climate change is high on the agenda for US Secretary of State John Kerry at the second US-India Strategic Dialogue.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was among those who took part in high-level talks on Friday. The conference ended early on Sunday.