Warning people of the risks related to obesity on “World Anti-Obesity Day”, health experts have stressed that obesity can be one of the most important reasons for developing chronic lifestyle disea

Twenty-one per cent of those labeled to have hypertension were aged under 40, indicating that a large number of young people suffer from hypertension.

Consumption of energy drinks may lead to increase in blood pressure, which can cause risk of serious cardiovascular events, a new study has claimed.

In a significant development, researchers have identified a new heart-attack test that could identify two thirds of patients at very low risk of heart attack in the emergency department.

Sedentary lifestyle, in addition to stressful work conditions and a compromised diet are the leading factors in precipitating heart disease risk.

Increased intake of food like cheese, food rich in trans fats, and late dinners are leading to increased abdominal obesity and increased waist-to-hip ratio, a major risk factor for heart diseases

A recent study reveals that Delhiites are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and four out of 10 individuals are at high risk of heart attack.

Hyderabad: Thirty-six per cent of Hyderabadis suffer from high blood pressure and two thirds of them are not aware of it, revealed the Great India Blood Pressure Survey carried out by the Cardiolog

GURGAON: As many as 90% of young heart attack victims are people who do not sleep well, a study conducted by a Gurgaon-based private hospital has revealed.

Experts identified Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) as the biggest killer in NE and advised the states to go for massive prevention and control mechanism of the diseases.