Delhi may be the dirtiest city in terms of high air pollution but the dubious distinction of being the noisiest city goes to Mumbai which reported the maximum violation of safe noise levels for con

Exposure to air pollution leads to obesity and makes people prone to other lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and heart disease, a study has revealed.

People battle swine flu, viral fevers, respiratory infections

Visakhapatnam: Notwithstanding the successive governments’ tall claims, dengue and chikungunya cases continue to rattle Andhra Pradesh – if the number of cases registered over the last few years is

Patna: In probably a first in recent years, a Patna district administration team on Sunday night intercepted a wedding procession on Sinha Library Road and ordered it to stop playing the band as it

Childhood obesity is reaching alarming proportions with India reporting around 22% prevalence rate over the last 5 years in children and adolescents aged between 5-19 years.

CHENNAI: Heart attacks and other cardiac-related ailments caused 54% of all deaths in the city in 2015.

MUMBAI: Is malnutrition in childhood triggering an early onset of hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia among Maharashtra's population?

MUMBAI: A study has shown how Mumbaikars are under the dual threat of obesity and hypertension.

Patna: Unhappy with the state government's reply on "excessive noise pollution" in major towns of Bihar, the Patna high court on Monday sought a detailed report from it.