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Even as Union finance minister Manmohan Singh proclaimed the success of liberalisation and globalisation of the country's economy before World Bank officials in April this year, the Clinton

Some insects come up with amazing answers to the question of survival.

Though increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics is making it difficult to treat diseases such as malaria, pharmaceutical companies do not consider it profitable to invest in research for new drugs.

A RECENT find of fossils may help geologists break through the ice obscuring Antarctica's past. David Harwood of the University of Nebraska and his colleagues have collected fossils of marine

JAPAN'S Canon company, world-famous for its cameras, has adapted a technique used in making photocopiers to produce cheaper and more efficient solar cells. The technique involves sandwiching

THERE seems to be no limit to the miniaturisation of computers, because in the wake of laptops comes pocket-sized computers that allow the user to write on a liquid crystal screen with a special

A MALARIA vaccine made in Colombia by synthesising protein segments from the malaria parasite is proving promising in field trials, but its efficacy is still low. Vaccine developer Manuel

After initial success in deriving energy from water, sun, wind and biomass, India is poised for a great leap in making these the energy sources of the future.

MNES anticipates that its financing in the last two years of the Eighth Plan will be augmented by about Rs 1,300 crore, with the additional funding coming mainly as external assistance from the World Bank and GEF.

A committee appointed by the Supreme Court identified the mines that fell within the protected area.