If the invitation letter was anything to go by, the organizers of the International Conference on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises seemed in dead earnest. The card quoted a World Bank report.

On November 6, Norway's finance ministry barred the government pension fund from investing in the shares of Vedanta Resources Plc and its associates Madras Aluminium Company Limited and Sterlite

The antibiotics we consume are now being found in effluents discharged by industrial estates in Andhra Pradesh. Shockingly, the quantities are not minuscule. Researchers who collected samples and then analysed them say the amount of antibiotics they detected has never been reported anywhere else in the world.

Regulation has not worked for drug industry

Rich producers, users must pay for clean-up

Outsourcing polluting processes is common in pharmaceuticals, a fact admitted by both industry and regulators. M Narayana Reddy, president of Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (BDMA) and owner of Virchow Chemicals, says outsourcing keeps profit margins high. "We at Virchow do not outsource. My profit is a third of what others earn by outsourcing polluting processes,' he adds.

T he year 2006 will go down as environment's watershed year. This is not because this year we have had extraordinary success in environmental management; there was also no environmental disaster per se . This year must be remembered because the task of environmental management has come to be even more contested and even more challenged.

Agriculture, the mainstay of Chhattisgarh's economy, is getting a battering from two sides

the Union government has shut down 125 highly polluting industries across the country while forcing 1,261 such units to install the pollution control facilities, according to a report. The ministry of environment and forests has identified about 1,551 large and medium industries in the 17 categories of highly polluting industries. Nearly 165 of them are still in process of installing the requisite facilities to control pollution, said the ministry's annual report.

THE scars left by industrial pollution have failed to heal in Sumgait, a former industrial city located near Azerbaijan's capital, Baku.