Mumbai: Construction work on the Rs 7,000 crore trans-harbour project to connect Sewri with Nhava through a 22-km sealink is now expected to be taken up only next year. Thus, the project that was opened for bidding in 2005 has now been pushed into its record fifth year of delay.

The environment department on Wednesday banned polluting vessels on state waterways after a prod from the Union government.

Nearly 100 vessels that broke down and were left on the Hooghly, perennially polluting the water, will face penal measures if the ban is implemented.

More than 50 of these vessels can be found between Jagannath Ghat and Rajabagan dockyard.

Srinagar: Imagine the Dal Lake without its houseboats. If that left you with a sense of emptiness, get used to it. The future of the 1,200-odd houseboats, which have been a part of the famous water body in the heart of Srinagar for more than a century now, is under threat.

KOLKATA, March 10: Responding to a complaint lodged by an NGO, the sub-divisional officer of Diamond Harbour has asked the assistant engineer of the irrigation and waterways to initiate an inquiry into the alleged attempts of a person to encroach on a portion of an irrigation canal joining Mograhat and Diamond Harbour.

The Centre proposes to deploy four Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD) and a Hydraulic Surface Dredger (HSD) on Brahmaputra river in addition to the ones currently operating. Four more CSD and one HSD units are under construction for deployment in the Brahmaputra River National Waterway, said Union Minister for Shipping, TR Baalu.


Their ecosystem is under threat but no one seems to care

A Brazilian judge, Julier Sebastio da Silva, has halted work on a major river transportation system, as it poses an environmental risk. Silva suspended environ