CO2 emissions from inland waters are commonly determined by indirect methods that are based on the product of a gas transfer coefficient and the concentration gradient at the air water interface (e.g., wind-based gas transfer models). The measurements of concentration gradient are typically collected during the day in fair weather throughout the course of a year. Direct measurements of eddy covariance CO2 fluxes from a large inland water body (Ross Barnett reservoir, Mississippi, USA) show that CO2 effluxes at night are approximately 70% greater than those during the day.

The article sheds light on the Adi Ganga, one of the most significant streams of the Ganges in its lower course, and narrates how the stream (later Tolly’s Canal) which was once the life line of Kolkata transformed into a mere sewer and was ruthlessly slaughtered with the changing politicoeconomic interests of the state.

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Eastern Zone Bench, Kolkata) in the matter of 2ND Vivekananda Bridge Toll Way Co. Pvt. Ltd. VS Subhas Datta & Ors regarding install a temporary floating jetty on the bank of river Hooghly near Pier P2 for providing transportation of sand-filled bag and sand bolder-crate for completing the maintenance and repair work of P4. (river well of 11 metre diameter).

The Centre will soon bring 103 rivers under national waterways to give boost to the inland water transportation, which is largely under-utilised.

Although the state government has targeted to operate the first phase of National Waterway-5 (NW-5), linking Dhamra-Paradip-Kalinga Nagar by 2017, delay in getting environment clearance for certain

Judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Rajesh Valel Puthuvalil & Others Vs Inland Waterways Authority of India & Others dated 15/07/2014 regarding land acquired at the instance of Inland Waterways Authority of India for the purpose of widening the narrow stretches of National Waterways no.3 at Alappad Village at Karunagappally Taluk of Kollam District.

The Department of Transport, Govt. of Manipur has published a Draft Transport Policy. This covers the transport related issues, road safety measures, transport network along with: roads, waterways, air connectivity, transport infrastructure (both urban & rural).

UNCTAD's Review of Maritime Transport has provided 44 years of uninterrupted coverage of the key developments affecting international seaborne trade, shipping, the world fleet, ports, freight markets, and transport-related regulatory and legal frameworks. The Review also covers inland transport and intermodal connections.

- Karimganj-bound cargo ships from both countries set to sail from Calcutta this week.

It is for the first time that while formulating National Transport Policy, a separate attention has been paid to the transport needs of the North Eastern Region. The Working Group decided to look at the situation under three categories: Intra-Regional Need; Inter-Regional Need; and Trans Border Movement.