to check timber smuggling in Jammu and Kashmir, the state government has launched a drive to retrieve forest area in the state. M Ramzan, the state environment and forest minister, has said that

instead of saving the endangered Tibetan antelope, the Jammu and Kashmir government looks determined to protect illegal manufacturers of shatoosh shawls through its proposed wildlife law.

The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board found the Ganga's water near Lucknow unfit for consumption. Three outlets tested had a paltry oxygen content; toxic effluents offloaded by

Political priorities in insurgency-prone Kashmir may well override the apparent vigour of the wildlife officialdom to protect the shahtoosh (Hymalayan goat-antelope). Senior bureaucrats of the union

The Jammu and Kashmir Land Acquisition Act, 1934. This Act may be called the State Land Acquisition Act No.10 of 1990.