pushpesh pant rediscovers Amaranth once the poor man s grain, today an expensive health food

till recently, restoring the pristine beauty of the famous Dal, Nagin and Aanchar lakes seemed an impossible task. But a recent court directive on the cleaning of these water bodies has

Recent deer deaths reveal the vulnerability of animals even in their natural habitat

Sustainable harvesting of chiru may help save the Tibetan antelope

The question is not just of farming chiru. It is about the policy that a country should have towards wildlife conservation, forest dwelling people and the elite

the Jammu and Kashmir government severely criticised the worldwide ban on shahtoosh shawls saying it is "a deli

Restrictions on the manufacture and sale of Shahtoosh shawls threaten the livelihood of thousands of people in Kashmir

An unusual drought threatens agriculture in the Kashmir valley

to check timber smuggling in Jammu and Kashmir, the state government has launched a drive to retrieve forest area in the state. M Ramzan, the state environment and forest minister, has said that

instead of saving the endangered Tibetan antelope, the Jammu and Kashmir government looks determined to protect illegal manufacturers of shatoosh shawls through its proposed wildlife law.