Will the real land sharks please stand up?

Peruvian local communities are on the warpath. They are accusing mining companies of not only causing contamination in the region, but also holding them responsible for the seizure of their land.

Assam s evicted encroachers show legal proof of residence

compulsory acquisition of land by public and private sector companies often displaces people, forcing them to give up their homes, assets, means of livelihood and even vocation. More often than

A 400-strong group took part in a demonstration to remove miners and woodcutters from the Sarare indegenous area in the state of Mato Grosso on January 11. The demonstration was supported by the

DEVELOPMENT discourse in the post-World War II era centred on social and economic inequality. Rural poverty was linked directly to iniquitous land ownership and it was felt public policy had to take

The Kerala High Court has blocked the state government's highly-publicised distribution of 28,588 ha of forest land to migrant farmers who occupied the land prior to 1977. On September 15, the court

Miners have once again encroached upon the land allotted to the Yanomami, South America's largest surviving tribe of forest Indians. The miners have been ordered on three previous occasions to