Until a decade ago, Kim Li Loi, Canton and Hot Wok, restaurants in the Chinatown locality of eastern Kolkata's Tangra district, collectively served as a tannery among scores of others run by

in what is seen as a vindication of the struggle for land rights, and a political victory, the police in Uttar Pradesh's Sonebhadra district withdrew nsa (National Security Act, 1980) charges

The Group of Ministers on the draft resettlement and rehabilitation policy had its third meeting on July 19, where it considered increasing the state governments' role in land acquisition for

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it's official. The Reliance special economic zone (sez) project in Haryana is on. On June 5, the Board of Approval of sezs, a government body, gave its nod to the sez, which is to come up in 565

Industrialist Ratan Tata has reportedly written to the prime minister cribbing about delays in implementing big buck projects. In his capacity as the chair of the government s investment commission

Gujarat has received encomiums from many quarters for its rapid industrialisation. Industries have mushroomed all over the state, thanks to investment campaigns like

Nandigram in West Bengal continues to witness sporadic outbreaks of violence between anti- and pro-land acquisition forces. On April 29, one person was killed and two others injured in clashes

Nandigram On March 18, 2007, the Calcutta High Court again adjourned the much-awaited hearing of the Nandigram case (see

the empowered group of ministers (EGoM) lifted the freeze on special economic zones (sezs) on April 5, 2007, with some policy dilutions. It fixed the upper limit for sezs at 5,000 hectares.