At a media studded book release function, a leading editor was recounting a recent incident. He was travelling with a top Uttar Pradesh politician who we will not name but call Mr A in his brand

the plot around special economic zones (sezs) in India thickens with a recent decision of the empowered group of ministers (egom) on sezs to remove a cap of 150 on the number of such zones in the

penalised: A US-based water company, United Utilities Plc, has been prosecuted for the fourth time this year. A UK court asked it to pay about US $18,600 as penalty for discharging 56,000 cubic

15 hectares of utter confusion

SC clears mill land sale: The Supreme Court (SC) has cleared the sale of mill land in Mumbai, setting aside an earlier Bombay High court order. The SC has upheld the Maharashtra government's

The seeds of a plant called jatropha yield oil that, after processing, makes biodiesel. It can reduce India s burgeoning oil import bill. And there s lots of money to be made. But who will earn? What land will be used for this? down t

The Zimbabwean government intends to nationalise all farmland

Australia s move to return to aborigines land located on former nuclear test site draws flak

Extract from the Draft Inhalation Dose Assessment for Remediated Land at Maralinga

a clash between the us and the European Union (eu) over the rules for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, as agreed in the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, seems to be inevitable. The us