The Zimbabwean government intends to nationalise all farmland

Australia s move to return to aborigines land located on former nuclear test site draws flak

Extract from the Draft Inhalation Dose Assessment for Remediated Land at Maralinga

a clash between the us and the European Union (eu) over the rules for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, as agreed in the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, seems to be inevitable. The us

Issues on sustainable development were discussed at a recently concluded CSD meet

DEVELOPMENT discourse in the post-World War II era centred on social and economic inequality. Rural poverty was linked directly to iniquitous land ownership and it was felt public policy had to take

AFTER a decade of academic exercises, Indian planners have decided to incorporate the concept of agroclimatic regional planning in the Eighth Five-Year plan to ensure sustainable crop yields and

The current drought has spurred Indian agricultural scientists to formulate guidelines for combating different rain scarcity situations -- when rains start late, when they are less than normal,

This book describes major environmental changes in India. It's a balance sheet of India's resources and focuses attention on the effect of ecological degradation on the poor. The interesting thing in the second report is the information that is provides on the linkages that operate on what can be called the interface areas: at the interfaces between different ecological spaces like croplands, grazing lands and forests; between the people and their environment; between economies of towns and villages, and so on.