Severe droughts gripping Peru have given way to some of the country's most devastating downpours in decades, catching authorities off guard as they scramble to contain the kind of floods that clima

Lima - Floods and landslides in Peru have killed 15 people and displaced more than 36 000 this month, authorities said on Monday.

Through investigation and analysis of geological conditions and mechanical parameters of the Taziping landslide, the finite volume method was adopted, and, the rheological model was adopted to simulate the landslide and avalanche entire mass movement process. The present paper adopted the GIS platform to simulate the mass movement process before and after treatment.

A typhoon weakened as it cut across the Philippines on Monday after bringing down trees and power lines, and authorities warned of flash floods and mudslides although casualties were few with polic

August 2014 saw a major landslide strike in a densely populated district 80 km northeast of Kathmandu, in Sindhupalchok district. This study combines evidence from surveys and interviews to assess impacts and preventive and coping measures taken. The impacts relative to annual income show that lower-income households lost up to 14 times their annual income, as opposed to 3 times for the wealthier. The implications of these findings for discussions surrounding loss and damage are discussed.

Landslide is one of the most ravaging natural disaster in the world and recent occurrences in Nigeria require urgent need for landslide risk assessment. A total of nine samples representing three major landslide prone areas in Nigeria were studied, with a view of determining their liquefaction and sliding potential. Geotechnical analysis was used to investigate the liquefaction potential, while the slope conditions were deduced using SLOPE/W. The results of geotechnical analysis revealed that the soils contain 6–34 % clay and 72–90 % sand.

COIMBATORE: The process of mapping landslide-prone zones in the Nilgiris, which began three years back, has reached its final stages.

Rescuers have pulled 15 people alive from a landslide that slammed into a village in China's eastern Zhejiang province after a typhoon but 32 people are still missing there and in another nearby vi

KATHMANDU – A Spanish national and three Nepalese Sherpas were killed in a landslide in north-central Nepal, local authorities told EFE on Thursday.

KUNMING - One person went missing and six were injured in two landslides in Southwest China's Yunnan Province on Saturday.