Despite international regulations and campaigning by environmentalists, hazardous waste continues to be dumped in India

• The prestigious Sasakawa-dha Disaster Prevention Award for 1997 by the United Nations has been awarded to Anand Swarup Arya, an internationally renowned earthquake expert. • The

Some popular Indian brands of tea have high levels of lead

Lead poisoning in children is causing a storm in New York. A large number of cases seeking action against lead poisoning are pending in courts. Lead is present in nume

Leaded gasoline causes about 90 per cent of airborne lead pollution in cities, the rest of which comes from

Francisco Gil and his colleagues at the University of Granada, Spain, have found that teeth from children and adults that contain high concentrations of lead have more caries, plaque and dental

ALL those who swear by traditional medicine are in for a shock. A recent study conducted by a pharmacologist from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, reveals that several

To enforce the use of unleaded petrol in existing two-and three-wheeler vehicles, the Supreme Court of India recently directed the Union government to submit a scheme for supply of unleaded petrol

The objective of the study is to study the relationship of hemoglobin to exposure to motor vehicle exhaust.

A POSSIBLE lowering of the hazards posed by the use of lead has come about with, the first international agreement on measures to reduce its use. At a two-day meeting in Paris in the last week