A unique map of India is in the process of being put together

To rein in beverages industry

Damodar river is in deep water. Rampant mining in the North Karanpura coalfield spread over Hazari

A recent study of foodstuff from an ex-tin mining area in Bidor, Malaysia, has revealed high levels of potentially toxic

Pollution of the past haunts our present

A national Referral Centre for Lead Poisoning, India's first facility to test

At least 50,000 flamingos died in the East African region between 1993 and 1995, largely due to pollution, reports Panafrican News Agency. A number of metals have found their way into Lake Nakuru,

Lethal and toxic chemicals found in US citizens

The Indian government comes out with the draft rules for recycling lead acid batteries. Their effectiveness is questionable

mexico's Environmental Protection Agency ( epa ) plans to release an