The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a major tightening Thursday of the health standard for airborne lead, saying that current allowable concentrations do not adequately protect public health, especially children. The lead health standard has not been changed since the initial requirement was enacted 30 years ago. Since then, lead pollution has dropped substantially, largely because it was banned for use in gasoline. Lead emissions still are an air quality problem, largely from industrial sources, the agency said.

Thousands of tons of used computers and obsolete electronic equipment, which contain large amounts of hazardous waste, are being brought into Pakistan with complete disregard to the grave risks they pose to human and environmental health, Dawn has learnt. Tens of thousands of used computers and related equipment, which are difficult and expensive to dispose of in developed countries because of their hazardous nature, are annually imported under the pretext of

Of late, Chinese products have come under severe criticism worldwide. The us toy company Mattel Inc recently recalled 19 million Chinese-made toys, because the toys contained lead paint. The

The Chinese government recently punished 20 officials in the country's north-western province of Gansu after many cases of lead poisoning were reported from the area. Between March and August

A Swiss firm Xstrata's plan to establish a massive opencast lead and zinc mine near the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia, is facing stiff resistance from the region's indigenous communities. The

In an effort to reduce battlefield contamination and health risks for the armed forces, the British arms manufacturer BAE Systems, the world's fourth largest defence contractor, is now working on

policy on environment: On May 18, the Union cabinet approved the controversial National Environment Policy. The sanction came after much dithering and after the daft made several rounds of the prime

Even as the case of widespread lead poisoning in Arica, a city in northern Chile, remains unresolved, the same problem has now raised its head in Santiago, Chile. Chilean authorities recently seized

A recent study in the US shows that by 2004, over 315 million computers will become obsolete. By 2005, for every single computer an American buys, one will be discarded

It may disregard its massive carbon emissions and try to explain away the greenhouse effect. But when it comes to defence equipment, the us is choosing to play it environmentally safe. The