Thousands of people, including orphan children, face a bleak future living in the world s most polluted city

High levels of lead in adults may not be as harmful as people thought earlier, according to a study conducted by Pal Osterberg and colleagues at the university hospitals of Lund and Malmo, Sweden.

Many cities of the world reel under severe lead pollution as they continue using heavily leaded petrol. The case for the phasing out of lead is stronger than ever before

A 17-month air analysis in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, which ended recently, has found that lead pollution is the highest in the world here during the low-rain period. The analyis, carried out by

The next time you see a spoilt brat, do not blame his parents. It could be just because of some extra lead in his bones

Sri Lanka is set to curb atmospheric lead pollution by introducing lead free petrol for its cars

Radioactivity should be added to the list of potential carcinogens in motor-vehicle exhausts, say scientists from the University of Bristol, UK. Denis Henshaw and colleagues have found raised

Exposure to lead little has a weak but significant effect on the intelligence of children

Lead-free petrol, which the ministry of environment :nd forests (MEF) is All: seeking to introduce in W, the 4 major metrop titan cities by April 1, 1995, is hazardous to health, says H B Mathur,

Connoisseurs who have savoured the renowned French wine, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, for the past 40 years may be surprised to learn that its vintages from the 1950s contained high levels of lead (Nature,