The World’s Worst Pollution Problems 2016: The Toxics Beneath Our Feet updates the top ten point-source polluting industries based on each source’s global burden of disease. Pollution and the diseases that it causes have become a massive and extremely costly global problem.

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal (Southern Zonal Bench, Chennai) in the matter of Kunjoonjamma Jose Vs Kerala Sate Pollution Control Board & Others dated 17/12/2015 regarding emission and deposition of lead particles in air, water and soil alleged to have been effected by the M/s. Perfect Alloys.

Two lobby groups in Mombasa have blamed the environmental watchdog over lead poisoning in Owino Uhuru estate, Changamwe, Mombasa.

A government audit confirms many of the findings of USA TODAY's 2012 "Ghost Factories" investigation and faults the Environmental Protection Agency for lacking criteria and time limits to screen mo

The United States lead recycling industry will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to comply with tightening environmental rules but the pressure of rising costs eventually may force some output

Stringent pollution norms to hit unorganised producers; with demand booming, organised firms step in.

The strong interaction of the steel industry and the environment is related to the large volumes of matter that are handled by the Steel Industry. The steel plant is a huge logistical hub, where iron is not the major stream in terms of mass. Water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and steam put together outweighs steel by almost a factor of 10 in the output streams of a typical integrated steel plant.

When it comes to industrial lead processing, The Doe Run Company

Chinese provinces have begun shutting lead smelters for environmental checks, after hundreds of children tested for high levels of lead in two separate cases this month.

At least three lead smelters in Henan province and two in Shaanxi province, with a combined capacity of about 6 percent of China's annual production, were ordered to temporarily halt operations in recent days, officials said.

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BEIJING: Hundreds of villagers in China