Here is some great news for car manufacturers. Metallurgists at the University of Pittsburgh have developed lead-free steel that will allow carmakers to prepare for a new legislation in the US that

Over 10 million residents of Dhaka are now having to

Environmentally hazardous backyard smelting units swell as multinationals fail to recycle used batteries

A study of ice cores from the Himalaya reveal a substantial rise

According to the Chinese scientists, ice cores from the Himalaya, the world's highest mountain range, indicate a significant increase in pollution levels over the past few decades. Wang Ninglian, an

be careful when you take an ayurvedic tonic next time. According to Devika Nag, head department of neurology at the King Georgess Medical College,

The biggest cause of lead pollution may be incinerated waste, not vehicles

A recent patent from British Petroleum (BP) makes a disturbing admission: piston-engined aircraft need such high-octane fuel that tetraethyl lead is still added to it to keep its octane rating up. So

VEENA KALRA, who is with the department of paediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS , New Delhi, is conducting research to determine the lead levels in blood among children and to identify the source and magnitude of the problem of lead

The US military pumps over 700 million rounds of ammunition, or some 2,000 tonnes of lead into the environment every year during training. The metal pollutes the water supply and poisons the