Question raised in Lok Sabha on Census of Animals, 26/04/2016. Wild animal census of iconic species like Tiger, Elephant, Rhino and Lions are carried out by the respective State/UT Governments. However, at the national level, Tiger census is carried out periodically. As per the latest census, the estimated population of tiger, elephant, lion and rhinoceros as received from the States is given in the Annexure.

AGRA: In a one of its kind initiative, a 197km-long "bicycle highway" will be constructed from Taj Mahal's East gate to Etawah lion safari at a cost of Rs 94 crore.

While the state's 523 lions have been provided around 500 cement-concrete watering troughs, the 5,000-odd blackbuck in and around Velavadar and the 4,451 wild asses in the Little Rann of Kutch (LRK

Mohawk the lion, one of Kenya's most famous big cats, was fatally shot on Wednesday by wildlife rangers.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Lion Reserves, 15/03/2016. Asiatic Lions are found only in Gir forests of Gujarat. Total number of lions in Gir forest as per the last census carried out in 2015 was estimated as 523. As per information available with the Ministry, there is no case of death of lions due to poaching in Gujarat. Details of elephants and tigers killed due to hunting/poaching during last three years and the current year is given in the Annexure-I. Cases of poaching of other wild animals are not collated in the Ministry.

As many as 310 Asiatic Lions, declared as endangered species, had died in its only abode, the Gir sanctuary in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, in the past five years, Forest Minister Mangubhai Pa

Seven elephants have died in two conservancies around the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in the last one week in unclear circumstances.

Congress on Monday accused the Gujarat government of reducing the permissible limit for construction around Gir sanctuary to benefit business associates of the chief minister.

Conservationists are jubilant after the discovery of a massive group of lions in a remote Ethiopian national park, ending years of sharp decline in their numbers.

Historical knowledge and recent surveys attest that lions are declining across parts of Africa. We applaud Bauer et al. for assembling available counts because they motivate better monitoring and conservation support. Their own data, however, rejects their claims that lions are “declining everywhere, except in four southern countries” and that lions increase only where “intensively managed.” (Letter)

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