The enormous complexity of human body offers scope to conceptualize its dynamic organization in a number of ways such as structural, biochemical, functional, etc. The conventional western medicine views the body from a structural perspective, whereas ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, understands the human body from the perspective of functions/tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha).

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KOLKATA, 28 JAN: The state health minister, Dr Surjya Kanta Mishra, said there is a need for uplinking telemedicine facilities with doctors of well known institutes in the country including All India Institute of Medical Sciences( AIIMS) to treat critical patients.

Spurred by the demand for affordability, some enterprising entrepreneurs are taking baby steps to develop low-cost, high-quality medical devices. Will their efforts bear fruit?
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TORN flesh is easy to put back together with stitches, but when bone breaks, repairs are nowhere near as simple. Bones with fractures that run in a straight line can often be placed back in their proper alignment and set in a cast to heal. Compound fractures, however

A new technique of blood testing that substantially reduces the time taken to detect the hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C and HIV viruses is gaining favour in the country

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This article reports our attempt to explore the possible plants that could represent Sanjeevani - the mythical herb from the epic Ramayana. Our search was based on a set of criteria developed from the consistent details available from the epic on the names of the herb in different languages, its habitat, medicinal values and the ability to 'resurrect' life. Acccordingly, from an initial listof potential candidate species, we have filtered two species on which initial studies can be focused.

Can practise Indian systems of medicine in Kerala a decision of the Kerala government to register practitioners of Indian systems of medicine even if they do not have academic qualification has sparked protests across the state. The order issued in June specified just one eligibility criterion

Blood flow, respiration and heartbeat mimic the rhythm of the music THE Indian film industry spends crores of rupees to make a musical. It has always believed that music can make the heart dance to its beats. These days doctors are taking this approach seriously. Take Rajesh Parthsarthy, for example. He is a general practitioner. He is learning Hindustani classical music because he

Despite having put through the first progressive drugs legislation in Southasia back in 1982, Bangladesh has fallen behind on the promise of its pharmaceutical policy.