The Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka yesterday introduced Bacillus Thuriengensis bacteria which is capable of destroying dengue, filaria and malaria mosquito larvae after years of research.

This environment-friendly and organic bacteria was developed by utilising 100 percent local expertise. It is a co-product by the ITI and Bio Power Lanka (Private) company.

The global aid architecture in health has changed over the past decade, with the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and a major expansion of the levels and sources of development assistance, particularly for low-income countries. While key health outcomes such as infant survival and nutritional stunting have improved over the decade in every

Ayurveda, according to Caraka, is knowledge which seeks to weigh life in the scales of wholesomeness and happiness against their opposites. Its main themes of health and disease, and recovery of health from disease take the stage against an inspiring background of intuitive philosophy, lofty idealism, and vivid compassion, which are the hallmarks of India

Thousands of bears are being kept in appalling conditions to supply traditional Chinese medicine. Bear bile is used in traditional Chinese medicine and fetches a tidy price. In China, the wholesale price is around 4000 yuan (approximately $580) per kilogram; each bear produces up to 5 kilograms a year. Bears are milked for bile twice a day.

This WHO annual health report looks at 100 statistics provided by 193 member countries. This year it provides the first assessment of MDGs progress and reveals that deaths of children aged under five years have dropped by 27% globally since 1990.

The relation between experience and knowledge has been the subject of several debates in the sociology of knowledge, especially with regard to medical knowledge. The disease is experienced by the patient and the physician, who has the knowledge of disease, conducts the diagnoses and provides treatment. This poses two questions: Does the patient, who experiences the disease, have knowledge?

This is an attempt to answer two questions on the manufacture of ayurvedic products in Kerala. First, has the performance of the ayurvedic sector been impressive?

The demand for cure and for the care of a growing range of health conditions which elude any particular system of medicine has made pluralism in therapeutic options a way of life.

SALE of fake medicines is on the rise in the market, specially at trust - run pharmacies where the needy patients go to buy their medicines.

This report highlights that the region faces enormous challenges in addressing inequalities in reproductive health of poor women, and focuses on the risks they face. This phenomenon perpetuates an inter-generational cycle of poverty.