Aurangabad municipal corporation sets an example aurangabad municipal corporation is the first municipal body in Maharashtra to adopt e-tendering for clearing and commissioning projects. All projects costing more than Rs 25,000 are cleared through e-tendering. The project, launched in May 2007, has saved the corporation close to Rs 2.50 crore.

In order to decentralise the planning process, Article 243ZD of the Constitution of India directs states to constitute District Planning Committees which are responsible for formulating draft district plans by consolidating the plans of the panchayats and municipal bodies. This provision of the Constitution however, does not cover certain parts of the country.

Thane residents say no to waste tax RESIDENTS of Thane city are not willing to pay tax for the garbage that goes out of their homes each day. The Thane Municipal Corporation in November 2008 had proposed a nominal solid waste tax for scientific disposal of garbage. The target was to collect Rs 3.16 crore a year. But the civic body gave in to pressure from corporators and people who were

The tax structures devised by Thane Municipal Corporation: Slum dwellers: Rs 10 per month per family Flat owners: Rs 15 per month per flat Restaurants and pubs: Rs 120 a month Malls, wedding halls, cattle sheds and hotels: Rs 50-100 each day

Because it sends its garbage to pollute a nearby village SINCE 1983, all the municipal garbage from the city of Pune in Maharashtra has travelled 12 km to be dumped in the village of Urali-Devachi. More than 1,000 tonnes each day. Spread across 43 hectares, the dump pollutes the area. Leachates contaminate the ground

Discriminatory disease: A leprosy patient cannot contest a civic poll or hold the post of a councillor or chairperson of a municipality, the Supreme Court ruled on September 19. This comes in the wake of patient Dhirendra Pandua challenging his disqualification from the post of councillor and chairperson in Balasore municipality. After winning the elections held on September 19, 2003, he was

In Mumbai, new forms of cooperation between local government and
citizens seek to improve local representation and the quality of services. This paper examines which residents are represented or excluded in these arrangements, the mandates and processes by which the arrangements are negotiated and the outcomes. Local representation through elected councillors is compared with

Mangaloreans asked to pay more for less water to help repay loan Flawed policy and politics over water have left Mangaloreans high and dry. The city has been witnessing fights over water pricing, but the people are not convinced these are actually out of concern for them and not for their political outcome. On August 12, various political parties staged a protest against the ruling

Delhi municipality proposes low annual parking fee at a time when stiff parking fees are fast becoming an effective deterrent against car purchasing the world over, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi is contemplating reduced parking charges. The municipality has a proposal for a yearly levy which will tantamount to vehicle owners paying far less than what they currently pay for parking.