With water scarcity gripping many parts of the country, people are talking about rainwater harvesting, but none about wastewater, which can also be recycled to boost our fast depleting water resources

A non-governmental organisation has proposed alternative sources of power and water that could be developed instead of the controversial Epupa hydroelectric scheme and the Okavango water

The United Nations Conven

Much to the dismal of conservationists and I scientific community, the Namibian Government authorised the Aitioter of 17,450 more of its Cape htr seals this W 'Porting aside ques M

The Namibian and Angolan governments' joint plans to build a hydel-project dam on the Kunene river is threatening the very survival of the Himbas tribals living in the border area. The proposed dam

WITH ITS long, angular body, supple spine and cleat-like claws, the cheetah can chase down a car, speeding at over 115 km an hour. But its specialised aerodynamics are also precipitating its

WILDLIFE officials in Namibia are battling to save the world's last herd of desert elephants. The herd of 50 is threatened with the anthrax virus. As the disease can kill within 24 hours, officials

This video for the song 'Goddess' by up and coming US artist BANKS was inspired by UNICEF's work on promoting children's rights through sport and play and the Galz and Goals programme in Namibia which helps disadvantaged adolescent girls make healthy decisions on and off the playing field.

First it was Kazakhstan, then Namibia and now Mongolia. In its quest for obtaining fuel for its nuclear power plants, India has been reaching out to every possible country that has some uranium resources and is willing to sell it to New Delhi.

Energy-starved India, armed with permission to buy atomic fuel from around the world after the end of a three-decade ban, is courting new partners alongside old friends in its global hunt for uranium.