Paying people to protect forests can be an effective way to tackle deforestation and climate change, but only if there is good governance of natural resources, says a study conducted by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

A German medical museum will return the skulls of nine Namibians killed in uprisings against German colonial forces between 1904 and 1908. It will also return the skulls of 18 Australian aborigines that were taken from the continent more than a century ago. The skulls are part of a sprawling but poorly organized anthropological collection at the Medical History Museum at Berlin

The Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) programme supports community-driven climate change adaptation projects through small-scale grants and leverages lessons emerging from projects to catalyze change in national and sub-national policy in support of systematic adaptation.

This volume is part of the series Ecological Economics and Human Well-being that offers the best and most recent work in the transdisciplinary field of ecological economics, whose focus is the study of the relationship between economic activity and environmental sustainability.

Seven anti Coca-Cola agitators in Plachimada participated in a relay hunger strike to commemorate seven years of their movement against the soft drink major. The agitation sought

This report deals with the serious conflicts that occur between humans and wildlife. In today

Wastewater reclamation and direct potable reuse have enabled the City of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia to manage its water more efficiently. This case study shows that with an integrated approach including proper policy, legislation, education, technical and financial measures even severe water shortages can be managed.

New Delhi, Apr 9 In yet another major public-private partnership, Tata Steel will float a joint venture company with state-owned MMTC Ltd for acquiring mining projects in India and abroad. The JV will focus on African countries like Angola and Namibia and central Asian countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to bid for gold and diamond mines, besides acquiring coal and iron ore mines.

This study is a first attempt to provide some economic indicators of how climate change will affect Namibia

The wrongs and rights of ivory sales

FOR anybody who cares about animals, the biggest fixture on the diplomatic calendar is a bunfight that happens every three years to review the working of a convention on the international trade in endangered species, known as cites. At the current gathering, now taking place in The Hague, the sale of elephant ivory has been high on the agenda.