Namibia won’t withdraw permits granted to hunt desert elephants, a group of the pachyderms that live in the country’s arid northwest, despite protests, the country’s Environment and Tourism ministe

Rio Tinto Group’s Rossing uranium said its planned water desalination plant will cost about 200 million Namibian dollars ($19 million), the Namibian newspaper reported.

Over 20,000 African elephants were poached across the continent in 2013 according to a report released today by the CITES Secretariat.

This mapping study, which examines the role of higher education in contributing to climate resilient development pathways, is the first of its kind in southern Africa, and in Africa more widely.

An operation in Namibia owned by the same parent company suffered a breach of its leach tank, injuring employees

Spells of drought in southern African this year have hit agricultural output and hurt economic growth in countries such as Zambia and Angola, underscoring the lingering importance of farming to the

The world's fastest land animal is in trouble.

Namibia, the country with the ‘world’s oldest desert’ and two global biodiversity hot spots, is pursuing an uncommon conservation model— one that sets wild species survival quotas for local communities and allows ‘cropping’ of surplus animals.

A country of 2.1 million with a land area of about 800,000 sq km, Namibia has its entire 1,500 km-long coastline and 44 per cent of the land mass under conservation management. National parks constitute 17 per cent of the land. In contrast, India with its dense population has about 4.7 per cent of its total geographical area under a protected area network.

Leaders of a fledgling U.N.

The fate of billions of dollars of promised funding from rich countries to help the developing world adapt to climate change will be discussed on Thursday in Geneva, at the first meeting of the UN'