It isn't often that conservation groups urge hunting game as a way to save wildlife, but according to one such group, Namibia could conserve its nature better by doing exactly that.

A report by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, proposed on Wednesday expanding the practice on farmlands in the vast, sparsely populated southern African country, saying it could help both fill stomachs

With private sector spending on exploration of commodities like gold and diamonds pegged at an insufficient $1 billion over the next five years, a Mines Ministry panel has favoured opening up all mineral-bearing areas, barring sensitive zones, to entrepreneurs.

In response to a widespread decline in fisheries, scientists and policy makers have constructed models outlining the biological and social drivers that cause changes in fishing intensity and methods identified with overfishing.

The African elephant's misfortune has been its teeth, in particular the well developed pair of upper incisors known as tusks for which it is being killed in large numbers. The visible ivory part of the tusks is made up of dentine with an outer layer of enamel, and when viewed in cross section it reveals criss-cross lines that form a series of diamond shapes. This is what gives the elephant ivory its distinctive lustre, and makes it so valuable economically.

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AS Canberra continues to hold out on supplying uranium to New Delhi, India is actively engaging the African sub-continent to fuel its civilian nuclear programme.

>> The TV reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao is in the midst of a controversy with animal rights activists writing to ministry of information and broadcasting not to telecast such a show as it was meting out cruelty to animals. The show on Sony TV has 10 celebrities roughing it out in jungles of Malaysia. >> Two journalists were fined by a court in Namibia for filming the

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NEW DELHI: India and Namibia will sign an agreement on mineral resources during the five-day visit of Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba that starts on Sunday. Under the pact, India will be able to access the African country

If not Iranian, then it's got to be African cheetahs. The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) is presently working on getting wild Namibian cheetahs to India to repopulate Indian forests with the cheetah, which went extinct from India since 1967. The Namibian plan comes after Iran turned down a request by India for a pair of cheetahs.

Road transport plays a pivotal role in economic growth of any country. During the last four decades there has been significant research conducted to develop relationships between standards of road design and road user cost (RUC). These RUC models become redundant due to continuous change or upgradation in vehicle technology, traffic mix, road conditions etc.