>> Namibia's ministry of fisheries and marine resources has lifted a two-month fishing ban in the river Zambezi which was imposed in December 2006 because of bacterial contamination of the river's

Fishes in the backwaters of the Zambezi river have been infected with a deadly but unidentified infection. It was strongest upstream in Namibia and Zambia. The fatal infection was first noticed by

The Namibian and Angolan governments have decided to revive construction plans of a controversial hydropower project on the river Kunene (Cunene River) in northwest Namibia. The Epupa Dam, proposed

South Africa, Namibia and Angola have signed an agreement that enables them to utilise the marine and coastal resources of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (bclme), along Africa's

Following an unusual outbreak of poliovirus affecting mostly adults, Namibia, a country in southwestern Africa, inoculated its entire population in the last week of June. The country is now preparing

Namibia has inched closer to its dream of resettling thousands of "land-hungry' and disadvantaged citizens through land reforms. The government recently completed the valuation of the country's

After dolphin-friendly tuna now we have cheetah-friendly beef. The Cheetah Conservation Fund (ccf), a supposedly conservation-oriented group, has begun hardselling this product from Namibia; it is

Will CITES become an endangered convention? Can it redefine its relevance?

The Walvis Bay lagoon is at the centre of a stormy debate between the town's tourism development council and conservationists. The former wants to develop a restaurant-coffee shop-

Insect Discovery An insect never heard before, has been seen. Researchers have identified a new order of insects in Namibia. With this discovery the total number of insect orders have come to