The Baltic Sea is threatened by a major environmental crisis unless the Russian-German gas pipeline, planned to carry Russian gas to Europe along its seabed, is re-directed to pass overland, said

The street children in Brazil's capital city of Rio De Janeiro fought hunger with shoe glue; its narcotic properties suppressed hunger. Children sniffing glue from plastic bottles were a common sight

In its prolonged fight against the drug Mafia, Colombia has launched a political offensive in Washington to request

india will launch three projects to

Africa remains a major supplier of cannabis and cannabis resin to rapi-dly-growing domestic markets and to Europe and North America, despite some eradication efforts and significant seizures in some

drugs containing narcotics and psychotropic substances can now be easily imported, thanks to a new set of guidelines being issued by the World Health Organization (who). The new rules aim to

chocolate could actually be a drug in disguise. Scientists at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, a privately supported, non-profit laboratory in the us, report that chocolate contains three

It has finally been proved that nicotine is what gets smokers addicted to the habit. Nicotine produces the same impact on the brain as other psycho stimulant drugs

heroin addicts can look forward to a less painful cure with the help of a herb-based drug developed by Chinese scientists. The drug is called

A new study on the connection between marijuana abuse and human cognition throws more light on the long term effects of drug addiction