A spate of extreme warmth in the Arctic over the past two months has startled scientists, who warn that the high temperatures may lead to record-low ice coverage next summer and even more warming i

However, environment experts caution that this dip in temperature could bring back the deadly smog that enveloped the national capital after Diwali

The rising warm air, in turn, sucks in cooler air from Indian Ocean, causing an earlier onset of monsoon

Air pollution in north India doesn't only affect local residents.

NEW DELHI: Brace for severely poor air quality this Diwali, primarily due to two reasons: one, pollution levels are already high because of massive agricultural-residue burning in neighbouring stat

Matthew Hansen uses satellites to spot deforestation as it happens.

Delhi government today appealed to the Centre and governments of three neighbouring states to take effective steps for prevention of burning of agriculture residue so as to reduce air pollution lev

The planet's three most dangerous greenhouse gases are rising, and fossil fuels must be taxed to protect children from the costly turmoil of rising seas and extreme storms, world-renowned climate s

New Delhi: Responding to the high court's direction that there should be no biomass burning this year, Delhi government has decided to file an affidavit explaining that NASA images have proved that

Scientist have developed a set of five instruments that can potentially advance NASAs understanding of wind and weather conditions on the surface of Mars that can help ascertain the planet's habita