Coconut leaf vermiwash (CLV) was produced from actively vermicomposting coconut leaf litter + cow dung substrate (10 : 1 w/w basis) by Eudrilus sp. It significantly increased the seedling vigour index of cowpea and paddy at 1 : 10 and 1 : 15 dilutions in laboratory trials.

Nearly one sixth of the global population is malnourished. The problem is particularly acute in tropical Africa, where constant or recurrent food shortages affect over 30% of the population

Response of Terminalia chebula Retz. to application with three different biofertilizers like Azospirillum, phospobacteria and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) and four differerent biofertilizers combinations like Azospirillum and Phospobacteria, Azospirillum with VAM, Phospobacteria with VAM and Azospirillum with Phosbacteria and VAM was studied under nursery condition.

Many organisations emerged in the country to create awareness among the farmers on organic farming. The 'Welfare Organization for Rural Development' (WORD) is a dedicated organization in Tirupati (A.P.) working for the upliftment of the rural poor through implementation of various technologies for livelihood, health and environment protection.

Soybean, the 'Golden Bean' is an important oilseed and pulse crop containing about 20% edible oil and 40% protein. Soybean being legume crop, mainly draw nutrients from native pool of soil therefore the incremental doses of fertilizers will not help in increasing the productivity, rather the function of beneficial microbes particularly, that of nitrogen fixing ones will be decreased.

According to a study from a group of environmental scientists at the University of Kuopio in Finland, human urine and wood ash make a reasonably potent tomato fertilizer, boosting plant growth and fruit yield dramatically over untreated plants and nearly keeping pace with conventional fertilizer.

Due to increasing environmental concerns in the wastewater treatment sector, the environmental impacts of organic waste disposal procedures require careful evaluation. However, the impacts related to the return of organic matter to agricultural soils are difficult to assess.

Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is considered as one of the most essential vegetable crops for human nutrition.

Agriculture in what is now Mexico City can be traced back to the great city of Tenochtitl